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A disk being addressed:

We must say that although the world are few who perform this technique, the future shows a significant extension of this method and other methods of endoscopic spine, which represent minimal aggression to the patient. There are 3 ways to perform disectomy and all are made with the patient awake and only under local anesthesia with sedation (the first general anesthesia is contraindicated because the patient together with the doctor telling you the type of pain that feels as this will appear in the course of the intervention and how it fades until it disappears completely at the end of the procedure).

It makes a point of entry to several centimeters of the column through a hole to be closed with only 1 stitch, then a specialized technique the patient reaches the finish for his exeresis either automatically (Automatic Percutaneous Disectomy) through a device that sucks the contents of the center of the disk or manual using special instruments that allow the removal of the degenerated disc material do.

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