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Música de Paul Collier

  1. Personal Data:
    * Name: Salim Daher
    * Place of Birth: Valencia, Venezuela
    * Nationality: Venezuelan
  2. Education:

    Primary Education:
    * Colegio La Salle (Valencia - Venezuela)
    * Colegio Santo Domingo Sabio (Liceo San Jose, Los Teques - Venezuela)

    General Certificate of Secondary Education (year 1965). Diploma Bachelor of Science (1965).

    Certificate of Primary Education the 01 of July 1959.

    Secondary Education:
    * Don Bosco High School (Valencia - Venezuela)
    * Colegio La Salle (Valencia - Venezuela)
    * Maria Montessori Institute (Valencia - Venezuela)

  3. University Medical Studies:
    * Faculty of Medicine. Universidad de Los Andes - Venezuela (1966-1968)
    * Faculty of Medicine. University of Carabobo - Venezuela (1969-1972)
  4. Degrees Obtained
    1. Venezuelan Surgeon Title:
      * 1972: No. 11,523 of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Venezuela (28/10/72).
    2. Neurosurgery Specialist Title:
      * Medical College of Carabobo (according to paragraph A of Article 3). Valencia - Venezuela (05/05/76)
    3. Title of foreign specialists in Neurosurgery:
      * (Assistant Etranger on Neurochirurgica) of the University "Claude Bernard" of Lyon - France (Sept. 2, 1975).
    4. Title of "Deputy Foreign in Neurosurgery
      * (Assistant Etranger on Neurochirurgie) at the University of Paris, Faculty of Medicine PARIS - LARIBOISIRE - SAINT LOUIS, a graduate of Dean-Professor Raymond Houdart (Chief of Neurosurgery Service and Dean of the Faculty).
      (Diploma No. "750777N0008) PhD and discussed publicly held 08/12/77 before the Faculty Council - Université Paris VII .-
      PhD THESIS entitled (in French) "La Microsurgery applied to vascular tumors and Spinal Cord.
    5. Title of "Doctor of Medical Sciences
      * Faculty of Medicine, University of Zulia, Maracaibo - Venezuela; meeting No. 08-80 of 24/04/80, the Faculty Council.
    6. Thesis of Doctor of Medicine entitled "arteriographic appearance and Neurosurgical Pathology in Spinal Cord. Diploma 17/11/80 - Years 169 and 121. Sustained and publicly discussed before the jury by the Pr PRESEDO Dr. R. Haack Belloso. Folio 342 - Date 17/11/80 - Session 08-80 - Maracaibo.
  5. National Award of Neurosurgery:
    * National Award of Neurosurgery 1980-1981. Awarded by presenting the best doctoral thesis of Neurosurgery, Venezuela in the 1980-1981 period (25 January 1982).
  6. Positions held:
    1. Year 1972: General Hospital of San Felix - Ciudad Guayana (IVSS). Resident of Surgery. Edo. Bolivar - Venezuela
    2. Year 1973: French Government Scholarship for graduate programs in neurosurgery. Attached to the Faculty of Medicine LYON. Université Claude Bernard d'enseignement et de Recherche Medicale "Alexis Carrel". LYON I - France.
      • Hospital Neurologique - 59 Boulevard Finel - 69 LYON 3 º France. Neurosurgery Service Mansuy D. Resident of Neurosurgery (1973).
      • C.E.S. (Certificate of Special Studies of Neurology I year). Faculty of Medicine, Lyon, Universite Claude Bernard. Lyon - France
    3. Year 1974:
      • (January to June) Resident of Neurosurgery. Neurological Hospital.
      • (July-November): Neuro-radiology resident. Neurological Hospital. Service de Neuro-radiology Pr Jean DUQUESNEL.
      • (December): Neuro-ophthalmology resident.
      • C.E.S. (Certificate of Special Studies of Neurology II year). Facultad de Medicina de Lyon - Universite Claude Bernard. Lyon - France.
    4. Year 1975:
      • (January-June): Resident of Clinical Neurology - Neurology Service Pr Michel DEVIC - Hospital Neurologique. France.
      • (July-September): Clinical Neurology Resident - Service of Pr Jean CAMBIER Neorología. Hospital Beaujon, Paris - France. - School of Medicine Xavier Bichet (Boulevard du General) LECLERC 100 to 92,100 Clichy - PARIS. France.
      • (October-December): Resident in Neurosurgery - Neurosurgery Department of Pr José ABULKER - Hospital BEAUJON Université de Paris VII. France.
      • C.E.S. (Certificate of Special Studies of Neurology III year). France.
    5. Year 1976:
      • (January to September): Resident of Neurology - Service Neorocirugía of Pr J. Aboulker. Beaujon Hospital in Paris. School of Medicine Xavier Bichat - University of Paris VII. France.
      • (October-December): Resident of Neurosurgery - Neurosurgery Department of Pr Raymond HOUDART - Hospital Lariboisière 2 Rue Ambroise Paris X. Laribisiere Faculty of Medicine - St. Louis. Université Paris VII. France.
      • C.E.S. (Certificate of Special Studies of Neurology IV year).
    6. Year 1977: Deputy Neurosurgery - Neurosurgery Department of D R. HOUDART (Hospital Lariboisière - Paris VII). Lariboisire Medical School - St. Louis. University of Paris VII. France.
    7. Year 1978: Hospital Angel Larralde old Carabobo Hospital (IVSS). Founder Neurosurgeon Neurosurgery Unit. Valencia - Venezuela.
    8. Hired Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Carabobo. Venezuela.
    9. Years 1979-1997: Neurosurgeon at the Hospital Universitario Angel Larralde. Valencia - Venezuela.
    10. Years 1984-1995: Neurosurgeon Coordinator-Head of the Unit of Neurology and Neurosurgery HUAL Surgical Department. Barbula ESCALAFONADOS I.V.S.S. XI Valencia - Venezuela
    11. The Clinical Center neurosurgeon Isabelica, Valencia - Venezuela.
    12. Neurosurgeon at the Institute of Surgical Specialties, Percutaneous Discectomy unit. Valencia - Venezuela.
    13. War Medical Center neurosurgeon Mendez, Valencia - Venezuela.
  7. Courses and Conferences Made:
    1. Attended the XI Congress of Surgery Venezolana (Caracas - Venezuela):
      • Venezuelan IInd ANGIOLOGIA.
      • III Congress of Neurosurgery Venezuelan.
    2. Dermatology Update Course. Caracas - Venezuela
    3. Participating in the Meeting of the Society of French Language Neurosurgery. Paris - France.
    4. Participating in the round tables made Microneurocirugía Neurosurgery and the Grande Motte. Montpellier - France.
    5. Participant Neurosurgery Congress of the French Language. Marseille - France.
    6. Attending the annual meeting of the Society of French Language Neurosurgery. Paris - France.
    7. Participant in the meeting of the French Society of Neurosurgery in the Golf of St Claude. Paris - France.
    8. Participant Winter Meeting of the Society of French Language Neurosurgery. Paris - France.
    9. Attending the meeting of the Society of French Language Neurosurgery. Paris - France.
    10. Participant at the annual meeting of the Society of French Language Neurosurgery. Paris - France.
    11. Elected corresponding member of the Society of Neurosurgery French Speaking at a meeting of the Assemblee Generale de la Societe de Neurochirurgie de Langue Francaise, chaired by Pr Jean Lepoire and the Steering Committee and Scientific. Paris - France.
    12. Attending the roundtable on "traumatic brain injury" made by the Venezuelan Society of Neurology. President, Dr. Julio Borges, Dr. B.A. Osorio Herrera, Dr. Matias Gonzalez. Valencia - Venezuela.
    13. Participating in the monthly meeting of the Venezuelan Society of Neurosurgery. Elected active member of the company, 06 February 1979. Given the general assembly of the Venezuelan Society of Neurosurgery. Exposure and public discussion of scientific work to join the Venezuelan Society of Neurosurgery Vascular Tumors Spinal Cord. 05/03/79 Diploma Elected active member. Secretary: Rafael Galera.
    14. Panel Participant at the Roundtable on "NEUROTRANSMITTERS AND AGING BRAIN. Bromocriptine, Dopamine and neurological effects. "Hospital Central de Valencia. Dr. J. VIGOUPET (Switzerland). Valencia - Venezuela.
    15. Assistant Clinical Electromyography course dictated by OAH YATES Pr. San Juan de Dios Hospital. Venezuelan Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Neurology Society. Caracas - Venezuela.
    16. Participant to the second Venezuelan Congress of Neurosurgery. Hotel Caracas Hilton. Caracas - Venezuela
    17. Secretary of the Conference "Neurophthalmology" (visual disturbances and preselares sellar lesions). Venezuelan Society of Neurosurgery. Caracas - Venezuela.
    18. Participant in the Seminar I: PAIN, Venezuelan Society of Neurosurgery. II National Congress. Caracas - Venezuela.
    19. Participating as a French translator of the I Jornadas Científicas V Aniversario del Hospital "Dr. Angel Larralde" performed at the Colegio de Medicos del Edo. Carabobo. HUAL Medical Society (Hospital Universitario Angel Larralde). Valencia - Venezuela.
    20. Participated in the 7th. Annual Meeting "Gieda Inter Rachis, Paris - France, December 1994.
    21. Participating in the First Spanish Congress of Spinal percutaneous approach. Barcelona - Spain, June 1995.
    22. Participant in the 8th. Annual Meeting "Gieda Inter Rachis, Paris - France, December 1995.
    23. Participating in the 9th. Annual Meeting "Gieda Inter Rachis, Paris - France, December 1996.
    24. Participant at the International Symposium "Advances in Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery. Fountainblue Hilton Hotel, Miami FL. U.S.A. Julio 25-30, 1997.
    25. Participant at the 10th. Annual Meeting "Gieda Inter Rachis, Paris - France, December 1997.
    26. Participant at the 5th International Congress of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR LASER-SKELETAL MUSCLE - Sevilla, Spain.
    27. Participant at the Annual Congress of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF THERAPY IntraDiscal (IITS) Cambridge, England. August 1999.
    28. Participant at the Annual Congress of the International Society for Minimally Invasive Interventions: Spine (ISMISS). Cambridge, England.
    29. Rapporteur of the Second Day of Spine Surgery Committee of the Venezuelan Society of Neurosurgery.
    30. Lecturer in Latin American Congress of Neurosurgery XXXI - Panama October 2004.
  8. Medical and scientific societies to which he belongs:
    1. Edo College of Physicians. Bolivar. 05/12/72. No. 673 Folio 83 pounds 4.
    2. Edo College of Physicians. Carabobo No. 1040.
    3. Venezuelan Medical Federation (F.M.V.)
    4. I.M.P.R.E.S.
    5. Corresponding Member of the Society of French Language Neurosurgery. PARIS, Dec.. 1977.
    6. French National League against Cancer, Paris.
    7. Groupe pour lávancement of Microchirugie "(GAM), Paris.
    8. Committee on Education pour la Sante. PARIS.
    9. Venezuelan Society of Neurosurgery. Caracas, April 1979.
    10. Associate member of the Venezuelan Society of Surgery. Sworn in intercapitulants Surgery Symposium XXXVI. 22/11/79 Choir.
    11. Associate Member of the Venezuelan Society of Neurology. January 1980.
    12. Associate Member of the Medical Society of Physical and Rehabilitation (September 1979).
    13. Founding member of the Medical Society of Hospital Universitario Dr. Angel Larralde. Barbula, June 1980.
    14. Member of GIED (International Group for the Study of Surgical Approaches Spine). Paris, France. December 1994.
    17. Member of the "INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF THERAPY IntraDiscal (IITS). Illinois, USA.
  9. Scientific Papers:
    • Statistics on smoking in medical students.
    • Articles published in the National Press Scientific basis:
      • O because of birth control.
      • Or never too late to quit.
    • L'Extra-cranienne embolie Cotidienne (The extra-cranial carotid emboli) (Goutelle-Daher, LYON). Presented at the meeting of the Society of Neuro-Medical Psichiatria Sociale of the region Lyonnaise. Published in LYON Medicale, 30/05/76.
    • Vasculiares d'urgence Syndromes in Neurology. Publié (published):
      • Or Encyclopédie Médico-chirurgicale. Numérs: Spécial 12-1975, 24,152 F10 (Tome urgence).
      • Or Médecine practicienne. Oct. 2 bis 1976.
    • Emergency Vascular Syndromes in Neurology (EMG) PARIS. Medical-Surgical Encyclopedia, Volume EMERGENCY (in French: Manifestations Neurologique Parasitores dej). PARIS January 1976 (DAHER-Le BISOT). Roussel Bicolore Médecine et Culture.
    • Neurologic Manifestations of Parasitic.
    • The Microsurgery applied to Vascular Pathology and Spinal Cord Tumor. Tesio PARIS.
    • Arteriovenous malformations of the spinal cord (work joining the Venezuelan Society of Neurosurgery). Caracas, 06 February 1979.
    • The selective posterior Radicelootomia surgery pain. Free labor, II Venezuelan Congress of Neurosurgery. Hotel Caracas Hilton, 4-7 March 1981.
    • Meningocele.
    • Cystic softening of venous origin in children.
    • Cerebral bypass. The micro-anatomosis Extra-intracranial.
    • Meningioma of foramen magnum to previous selection (apropos of 2 cases with complete exeresis microscopic examination capimetreo normal postoperative).
    • Cerebral Aneurysm of the Union above + anterior communicating interhemispheric variety (apropos of a case successfully operated in a chronic hypertensive 60 years).
    • Extra-dural hematoma organized without bread medullary blood dyscrasia resembling demyelinating disease.
    • Giant tumor of the fourth ventricle in a girl of 8 years (total exeresion with complete neurological recovery).
    • Percutaneous Cervical Discectomy on discartrósicos spaces. Presentation video GIED Congress (Paris - France).
    • Role of dynamic magnetic resonance imaging in cervical compression of Origin Multiple Disc - GIED Congress. Paris, France.
    • Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Disc Surgery Minimally Invasive. Miami, U.S.A.
    • The Peri-Dural analgesia without sedation in the Lumbar arthroscopic Microdiscectomy. Paris, France.
    • Percutaneous Endoscopic Discectomy Decompression - IMLAS Congress. Seville, Spain.
    • Percutaneous Lumbar Discectomy with Holmium laser. Experience with 1500 cases - IInd Spine Surgery Committee of the Venezuelan Society of Neurosurgery. Valencia, Venezuela.
    • Laser Cervical Disectomy with the Holmium-Yag: 298 Patients Experience. GIED Congress. Paris, France.
    • Percutaneous Laser Lumbar Disectomy: 1825 Patients Experience - Poster. GIED. Paris, France.
    • Percutaneous Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy with the Holmium-Yag laser. Panama

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