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One example known for years for the general population would be the development of laparoscopy practiced by almost all the general surgeons, this technique that may resolve abdominal diseases "without opening the abdomen," as was done classically through small holes made in the skin of the abdomen to the introduction of instruments and appliances that let you watch a television camera particularly suited for these operations.

With the development and refinement of laser surgery, the Americans introduced the application of this to treat multiple conditions in the human body, this technology does not fail to astonish scientists and doctors each day to observe the results of operations where is used, and minimal complications observed.

Laser means in English: "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation" and the start of development was in the decade of the 60s, by Maiman, based on the theories of the atom to develop Einstein in 1917.

In practice, the laser is a concentrated beam of light, which when run on a part of human body tissue has the characteristic of being absorbed by the tissue, resulting in the evaporation or disappearance of the area, this translates that a surgeon can, for example, remove a tumor without touching it with one directing a laser light beam toward the tumor tissue. All this makes traditional metal instruments (forceps, etc..) Much thicker and thicker than a fiber laser are not necessary, being much less traumatic surgery and get a better result.

Have developed several types of lasers: Argon, CO2, Yag Neodmium-etc. (an experimentele Comparison of CO2, Argon, Nd: YAG and HO-Yag laser ablation of intervertebral discs-Lane et coll. spine) and its application in surgery of the herniated disc and other nervous system problems started long ago, but the results were not encouraging at first since the laser had a major drawback: the human tissue vaporized touch point with which he made contact, but in turn generated a hot zone around that point, and it was possible the emergence uncontrollable burn beyond the area that the surgeon wanted to operate.

Investigations continued and today there is a new type of laser called "Holmium-Yag" or also known as "laser touch" through which the radiation of heat out of the point where it is applied is minimal, solving of Thus the inconvenience PRINCIPAL involved the use of such technology in precision surgery, such as the treatment of herniated discs.

The Holmium-Yag laser or contact represents the most advanced in the therapeutic arsenal of bio-medical technology with multiple applications existing in different specialties, but their cost, because this is cutting edge technology, is much higher than other lasers.

In traumatology is used for all types of arthroscopy, even smaller as serious wrist joint, elbow, shoulder and temporomandibular inclusive. (The use of laser in orthopedic procedures-review-current concepts. Sherk).

In urology transformed prostate surgery, bladder and makes the call "tripsia intracorporeal litho-or elimination of large stones that can not be sprayed by the machines of extra-corporeal litotripcia rx classical or echo.

- In gynecology and general surgery application is so extensive that you could not enumerate.

Used in neurosurgery for brain tumors, skull base, deep tumors, intra-ventricular tumors, spinal tumors and a highly developed application in the U.S. is for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, the Swiss and Koreans use it for hernias cervical disc as well. (Siebert.W-Percutaneous laser disc decompression -- The european experience-spine).

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